The Environmental Affairs Committee is excited to announce the creation of the Sustainability Fund at CMC! The Fund will award grants to student-led projects that improve the environmental sustainability at CMC in amounts up to $2,000 through a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process. These grants will provide students with the opportunity to pursue innovative and entrepreneurial ventures that increase sustainability and environmental awareness while also creating positive returns on investment.

The Fund is sponsored by a $5,000 per semester grant from the President’s Fund at the Roberts Environmental Center. The application process is now open, and the deadline to submit a RFP is February 17, 2017, at 11:59 PM PST. A step by step explanation of the application process can be found in the attached “Claremont McKenna College’s Sustainability Fund” document. Awardees will be announced approximately one month after the RFP process has closed. Projects that receive a grant in the spring semester will only be able to extend through the remainder of the spring semester. While projects are being implemented, awardees will be required to provide updates to SFC every other week.

Click here for details and the application guidelines.

RFPs will be vetted by the Sustainability Fund Committee, which is composed of the 7 Environmental Affairs Committee members, the Sustainability Coordinator, a Facilities member, a faculty member, and 3 external members. If you are interested in being an external member of the Sustainability Fund Committee apply here. See page 2 of the attached “Sustainability Fund Governance” document for more information.