REC Teams 2017-2018

/REC Teams 2017-2018
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REC provides opportunities for students to familiarize themselves with the  issues of environmental governance, public policy, urban planning, environmental  management, and natural resource management. The following are students working at the Roberts Environmental  Center:


Eryn Rogers Manager
Alina Rainsford Co-Lead
Erin Tully Analyst
Sam Horowitz Analyst
Abby Gilliland Analyst


Maddie Lee Manager
Nick Pibl Lead
Henry DeRuff Analyst
Krista de la Torre Analyst
Gage Hornung Analyst
Ben Jin Analyst


Lauren D’Souza Manager
Anthony Burre Lead
Nova Quaoser Analyst
Anam Mehta Analyst
Lude Rong Analyst
Max Fine Analyst


Ellen Zhang Manager
Will Cullen Analyst
Matt Psaltakis Analyst
Chloe An Analyst
Mudit Murarka Analyst
Ally So Analyst


Becky Chung Manager
Sami Murphy Lead
Bailey Albright Analyst
Saleck Tikande Analyst
Rachel Lim Analyst
John Church Analyst
Luyi Huang Analyst


Emma Choy Lead
Justin Law Analyst
Kelly Watanabe Analyst
Emily Cohen Analyst
Erin Burke Analyst
Sophie Boerboom Analyst


PAST: 2016-17

Environmental Governance and Best Practices:

  1. Manager: Sam Peterson, CMC 2018
  2. Lead Analyst: Kelsey Driscoll, CMC 2019
  3. Jessie Capper, CMC 2017
  4. Eryn Rogers, CMC 2019
  5. Nic Pibl, CMC 2020
  6. Alina Rainsford, CMC 2020

Environmental Outreach

  1. Manager Fiona Bare, CMC 2017
  2. Manager: Henry DeRuff ,CMC 2018
  3. Lead Analyst: Maddie Lee, CMC 2019
  4. Krista De La Torre, CMC 2018
  5. Christian Rowe, PZ 2020
  6. Will Cullen, CMC 2019
  7. Matt Psaltakis, CMC 2019

Corporations/NGO Team

  1. Manager: Katherine Krey, CMC 2017
  2. Lead Analyst: Tanay Gupte, CMC 2018
  3. Lead Analyst: Russell Salazar, CMC 2018
  4. Khadijah Omerdin, CMC 2017
  5. Becky Chung, CMC 2020
  6. May McDonald, CMC 2019

Natural Sciences Team

  1. Manager: Kennedy Holland, CMC 2017
  2. Lead Analyst: Justin Law, CMC 2018
  3. Maya Bhat, CMC 2017
  4. Kelly Watanabe, CMC 2020
  5. Emma Choy, CMC 2019

 Energy Team

  1. Manager: Lauren D’Souza, CMC 2018
  2. Manager: Yijan (Ellen) Zhang, CMC 2018
  3. Lead Analyst: Lillian Liang, HMC 2018
  4. Nova Quaosar, CMC 2019
  5. Anthony Burre, CMC 2019
  6. Jafar Daniel, CMC 2020