Bailey Albright CMC '18
Bailey Albright CMC '18
Bailey is an undecided sophomore at CMC from Seattle, Washington. His hobbies include a variety of activities, ranging from playing for the club Ultimate Frisbee team to working at CMC’s Center for Autism. He enjoys dancing more than many things, but his love for “Chicken in a Biskit” crackers comes in a close second.
Grace Bailey CMC '18
Grace Bailey CMC '18Lead Analyst - Environmental Outreach
Grace Bailey is a junior at Claremont McKenna College majoring in Economics. She grew up on five acres with a horse barn in Northern California, near Sacramento, and rode and competed competitively on the hunter jumper show circuit until college. On campus, Grace is a co-leader of impACT, CMC’s social entrepreneurship club, and works as a student coordinator for the Center for Civic Engagement. Grace is passionate about health, technology and business and hopes to work at the intersection of these fields, perhaps even launching her own social enterprise down the line. She is also a certified spin instructor and yoga enthusiast.
Fiona Bare CMC '17
Fiona Bare CMC '17Student Manager - Environmental Outreach
Fiona Bare is a senior studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. She has worked at the REC since freshman year and has been involved in a variety of policy analysis and sustainability consulting projects. Fiona is also President of the CMC Model United Nations team and works at the Center for Writing and Public Discourse. When not busy with campus commitments, you can find Fiona doing yoga, adventuring in the California sunshine, or reading a book.
Maya Bhat CMC '18
Maya Bhat CMC '18Analyst
Maya is a sophomore at CMC born in Austin, Texas and currently lives in Singapore. She is a Management-Engineering major hoping to go into Environmental Engineering. One day, she hopes to change the world. On campus, Maya works with the Admission Office on the Multicultural Advisory Council and she plays on the Varsity Women’s Golf team and Women’s Club Rugby team.
Anthony Burre CMC '19
Anthony Burre CMC '19Analyst
Anthony Burre is a sophomore Neuroscience major at CMC. Originally from Santa Barbara, California, he enjoys playing tennis and ultimate frisbee, backpacking, and rock climbing. Other than working at Roberts Environmental Center, Anthony is the founder and president of Claremont McKenna Catan, and is a member of the ASCMC Budget Committee.
Jessie Capper CMC '17
Jessie Capper CMC '17Analyst
Jessie is a senior at CMC from San Francisco, CA. She is studying Environment, Economics, Politics, and is interested in a range of topics related to sustainability: from urban sustainability to corporate social responsibility. Jessie is also co-leader of CMC’s Student impACT club—a student group working to create a hub for social entrepreneurship and innovation on and beyond CMC’s campus. She co-leads the Student Art Council that strives to implement a greater art presence on CMC’s campus. She enjoys spending any and all of her free time in the outdoors—running, hiking, exploring, you name it!
Emma Choy CMC' 19
Emma Choy CMC' 19Analyst
Emma Choy, a sophomore at CMC, plans on majoring in neuroscience or biochemistry. Originally from Honolulu, HI, she loves anything to do with the outdoors, and especially loves the ocean. At CMC, she is a member of the Varsity Women’s Water Polo team, a lifeguard at the CMC pool, and a General Chemistry Lab TA. In her spare time you can find her tossing the disc with friends, enjoying SoCal skies and sunsets, or finding cute dogs to pet.
Becky Chung CMC '20
Becky Chung CMC '20Analyst
Becky is a freshman from Orange County studying Environment, Economics, and Politics (EEP) and Spanish at CMC. Her work in climate change mitigation has led her to the glaciers of the Antarctic, the rainforests of Costa Rica, the Himalaya, and soon Morocco, where she will be a U.S. delegate for COP22 (UN’s Conference on Climate Change) in November 2016. In her free time, she doodles maps for new adventures, plays on rocks and mountains, and cuddles with her dog Simba.
Wil Cullen CMC '19
Wil Cullen CMC '19Analyst
Will Cullen is a sophomore at Claremont McKenna College majoring in Environment, Economics, and Politics with a sequence in Human Rights, Genocide, and Holocaust Studies. He was born and raised outside of Washington, DC in Bethesda, MD. Will is particularly interested in environmental human rights and sustainable development. When he is not at the REC, Will can be found drinking coffee at the Motley.
Krista De La Torre CMC '18
Krista De La Torre CMC '18Analyst
Krista is a sophomore studying Environment, Economics, and Politics (EEP) at Claremont McKenna College. She was born and raised in Fresno, California. Currently, Krista is a member of SSPEAR, a representative on Pomona’s Environmental Quality Commission (EQC), and a co-leader of Environmentalists Of Color – Organize! (ECO!). She enjoys playing with dogs and eating copious amounts of vegan desserts.
Jafar Daniel CMC '20
Jafar Daniel CMC '20Analyst
Jafar Daniel, a first-year at CMC, was born and raised in Jakarta. He is currently majoring in Environment, Economics, and Politics, with a strong interest in resource management and sustainable design. In his spare time, he enjoys jazz trumpet, watching Rick and Morty, and throwing around on the quad.
Henry DeRuff CMC '18
Henry DeRuff CMC '18Analyst
Henry is a junior at CMC studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. His love of the outdoors has lead him to the belief that to enjoy them, one must also protect them. As such, he enjoys working at the REC and is spending this fall in Ecuador studying ecology and conservation. When he’s not in the REC, you can find him walking backwards around campus (leading tours or otherwise), walking forwards on the trails of Southern California (leading trips for the Outdoor Initiative), running on the roads around campus, or playing Settlers of Catan with his friends.
Kelsey Driscoll CMC '19
Kelsey Driscoll CMC '19Analyst
Kelsey is a sophomore from Nashville, Tennessee, studying Environment, Economics, and Politics at Claremont McKenna College. She is passionate about food security and food justice as well as environmental sustainability and and responsible consumerism. Kelsey is a member of Outdoor Initiative, On The Loose, and the College Programming Board and enjoys reading, hiking, and food adventuring. Her interests in advocation and analysis drew her to REC, and she is eager to be joining the research team this school year.
Lauren D'Souza CMC '18
Lauren D'Souza CMC '18Manager
Lauren D’Souza is a sophomore from Phoenix, Arizona, dual majoring in Government & History at CMC. She is a tour guide for the Admissions Office, a copy editor for the CMC Forum, the publisher for the Lowe Institute for Political Economy, and the social media/web coordinator for the Hixon Center for Sustainable Environmental Design at Harvey Mudd College. At the REC, she is the lead analyst for the Claremont Energy Challenge team and an analyst for the Environmental Outreach team. She is a proud crossword puzzle enthusiast, chocolate chip cookie connoisseur, corgi owner, piano player, and avid graphic designer.
Tanay Gupte CMC '18
Tanay Gupte CMC '18Lead Analyst
Tanay is a junior Economics major at CMC. He’s from Hong Kong but he’s lived all over the place and is incredibly culturally confused. He can usually be found in his room playing fifa and screaming at the television. When he’s not doing that (which is rarely) he is either pulling all nighters in the REC, playing on the club soccer team or rushing to make it to Frary brunch.
Kennedy Holland CMC '17
Kennedy Holland CMC '17Manager
Kennedy Holland is a senior at Claremont McKenna College majoring in Biology. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, she has always actively loved the outdoors. She spent the last two summers researching spiders in Costa Rica and humpback whales in northern Canada, hoping to continue to gain more field work experience post graduation. On campus, during the rare times she is not in lab, Kennedy works as a Maître D at the Athenaeum.
Katherine Krey CMC '17
Katherine Krey CMC '17Manager
Katherine is a senior economics and international relations major from the suburbs of Chicago/Ojai, California/south Florida. At the REC, she manages the Partnerships team, but is also passionate about all things California water policy related. Besides her work at the REC, Katherine is a tour guide, a managing director of the Student Investment Fund and an occasional contributor to the CMC Forum. She’s passionate about traveling, eating, discovering new HBO shows and talking about Mongolia.
Justin Law CMC '19
Justin Law CMC '19Analyst
JLaw, sometimes referred to as Justin, is a sophomore Economics-Engineering major from Hong Kong. He enjoys spending his time outdoors hiking, swimming, surfing, and snowboarding. On campus, Justin is also a part of the Claremont Concert Orchestra, Student Investment Fund, and Claremont Consulting Group.
Madeline Lee CMC '19
Madeline Lee CMC '19Lead Analyst
Maddie Lee is a sophomore at CMC from Seattle, WA, majoring in International Relations. At CMC, she is involved in Mock Trial and the Senate Campus Improvements Committee. She is passionate about diplomacy and foreign policy, and loves to sail in her free time.
Lillian Liang HMC '18
Lillian Liang HMC '18Analyst
Lillian, sometimes called “Lil,” is a junior engineering major at Harvey Mudd College. Passionate about connecting her academic interests with positive social impact, Lillian plans to work in the field of alternative energy after graduation. On campus, she also works to engage her campus with environmental sustainability as part of Engineers for a Sustainable World, does research in magnetism in high entropy precious metal alloys, consults student papers at the Writing Center, and tutors for Tau Beta Pi. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring new places and dabbles in rock climbing and tennis.
May McDonald CMC '19
May McDonald CMC '19Analyst
May, from Bellevue, Washington, is studying Science Management with a sequence in biophysics. She is especially interested in the role that businesses play in science and technology and would love to command a leading role in a biotech company in the future. In addition to working at the REC, she is also an economics research assistant for the Lowe Institute, an analyst for Claremont Consulting Group, Head of Communications for Claremont Women in Business, and an APAM and AISS mentor for incoming first-years. She loves drinking green tea, watching gymnastics, and exploring new cities with friends.
Khadijah Omerdin CMC '17
Khadijah Omerdin CMC '17Analyst
Khadijah Omerdin is a senior at CMC majoring in Economics-Accoutning. She was born and raised in Southern California. Besides researching at REC, Khadijah is a First Year Guide, member of Muslim Students Association, and all other things accounting. In her free time Khadijah enjoys the occasional existential conversations and free-style rapping terribly.
Sam Peterson CMC '18
Sam Peterson CMC '18Manager
Sam Peterson is the student manager for the Environmental Governance team. He is a junior at Claremont McKenna College, majoring in Applied Mathematics and Economics. In his time at the REC, Sam has worked on projects involving electronic waste, fracking policy, and watershed health. In the future, Sam hopes to be in professional fields involving sustainability consulting. When not in the REC, Sam can be found in the Cascade mountains outside Seattle in the summer and winter.
Nick Pibl CMC '20
Nick Pibl CMC '20Analyst
Nick is freshman at CMC from Princeton, New Jersey. Studying Environment, Economics and Politics (EEP), Nick is interested in geopolitics, focusing on natural resources and energy. He was first introduced to environmental science during his time at The Island School in Eleuthera, Bahamas. Upon returning to his hometown, Nick designed a 500 gallon aquaponic system for Princeton Public Schools and assisted with revising John Witherspoon Middle School’s science curriculum to teach sustainable agricultural. Nick enjoys scuba diving and freediving, as well as any outdoor activity. His bucket list includes hiking all of the U.S. National Parks.
Nova Quaoser CMC '19
Nova Quaoser CMC '19Analyst
Nova Quaoser, a sophomore at CMC, hails originally from Albemarle, North Carolina. He intends to pursue a major in economics and neuroscience while also participating in Mock Trial and MUN. His interests include funk/blues piano, photography, and politics.
Alina Rainsford CMC '20
Alina Rainsford CMC '20Analyst
Alina Rainsford is a freshman from Mill Valley California, just north of San Francisco. She is planning on studying Computer Science. Having been passionate about the environment her whole life, she is very excited to work as a research analyst with the Governance team to effect positive change for the environment! At CMC, she is also a research assistant for Kravis Leadership Institute, a caller for the Annual Fund, a member of Claremont Women in Business, impACT, and Claremont Coffee Club. In her limited free time, she enjoys hiking, walking her dog, cooking, board games, and dancing ballet.
Eryn Rogers CMC '19
Eryn Rogers CMC '19Analyst
Eryn is a sophomore from Bellevue, WA studying government and an undecided science hoping to go into environmental policy. She is a member of the CMS Lacrosse team and SSPEAR. She is an avid hiker, political junkie, napper and snacker.
Christian Rowe PZ '20
Christian Rowe PZ '20Analyst
Christian Rowe grew up on the southern coast of Maine. This influenced her endeavors in education and recreation. She finds most joy in the outdoors, from hiking, to skiing, to sailing. She is a freshman this year at Pitzer College, and her intended major is Biology. However, she hopes advocate for the environment, through environmental science and environmental policy.
Russell Salazar CMC '17
Russell Salazar CMC '17Analyst
Russell Salazar is currently a junior at Claremont McKenna College. He is on track to graduate with the Class of 2019 of Harvey Mudd as part of the 3-2 Economics and Engineering Program. As a Filipino born and raised in Hong Kong, his interest in environmental sustainability grew out of involvement in the water usage and waste issues of his densely populated hometown. Outside of CMC academics and REC, he is involved in student government, a cappella, and stays connected to his roots through the Asian Pacific American Mentoring (APAM) Program.
Sarah Sanbar CMC '17
Sarah Sanbar CMC '17Analyst
Sarah Sanbar is a senior at CMC studying International Relations and Legal Studies. She is originally Palestinian-American, though was born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She is interested in the intersection of the environment and human rights, particularly on issues of water policy and climate refugees. In her free time you can usually find her at the ath, talking about refugees, or both.
Annushka Shivnani CMC '17
Annushka Shivnani CMC '17Lead Analyst
Annushka is an International Relations major at CMC. Originally Indian, she was born in Pune and grew up in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Annushka has worked at the Roberts Environmental Center since her sophomore year and been an analyst on three different teams. Since her freshman year, she has served as co-president of SSPEAR, worked on the Senate campus improvements committee, and is currently the Vice-President of the Claremont International Relations Society. Last year, Annushka went abroad to Paris for a semester, before partaking in the CMC Washington program. When not writing her senior thesis, Annushka can be found socializing at Athenaeum events, eating fresh berries at frary breakfast or getting iced chai lattes at the Pit Stop. In her free time, she enjoys travelling the world, exploring new restaurants, reading suspense novels and playing the piano.
Emelia Von Saltza PZ '18
Emelia Von Saltza PZ '18Analyst
Emelia von Saltza grew up on the coast of Maine. She is happiest when she is in the ocean, either surfing or sailing. She is now a sophomore at Pitzer, where she is studying Economics and Environmental Analysis – in hopes to preserve the outdoors she is so fond of.
Kelly Watanabe CMC '20
Kelly Watanabe CMC '20Analyst
Kelly Watanabe is a freshman from Honolulu, Hawaii studying Molecular Biology at Claremont McKenna College. As a research analyst, she is excited to build a foundation for the new Natural Sciences team. At CMC she is also a member of the Varsity Track & Field team and the Claremont Concert Orchestra. In her free time she enjoys baking, photography, and hiking.
Yijing Ellen Zhang CMC '18
Yijing Ellen Zhang CMC '18Analyst
Yijing Zhang is from Suzhou, China. She is a junior at CMC majoring in Psychology and Environmental Analysis. Yijing is particularly interested in sustainability in built environment. This past summer, she interned in a urban planning research institute in her home city. She is a big fan of photography and traveling.
Violet Zhou CMC '19
Violet Zhou CMC '19Analyst
Violet Zhou is currently studying economics as her major at Claremont McKenna College. She is born and raised in Shanghai, China. Besides REC, she also enjoys visual arts and music, and is involved in Asian and Chinese culture clubs, human rights clubs, etc. on campus.