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Bailey Albright CMC '18
Bailey Albright CMC '18
Bailey is a senior at CMC from Seattle, Washington. His hobbies include a variety of activities, ranging from playing for the club Ultimate Frisbee team to working at CMC’s Center for Autism. He enjoys dancing more than many things, but his love for “Chicken in a Biskit” crackers comes in a close second.
Chloe An POM '18
Chloe An POM '18
Chloe is senior at Pomona College, majoring in Environmental Analysis and minoring in Computer Science. As someone who is interested in exploring how place affects the way we move and live, she is excited to be a member of the Land Use and Environmental Planning team. In addition to working for the REC, Chloe is also a tour guide, serves as the Commissioner of Environmental Affairs on Pomona’s student government, and runs for Pomona-Pitzer track and field. She calls St. Louis, Missouri home, wears Birkenstocks almost religiously, and considers making delicious food with friends the ideal pastime.
Sophie Boerboom CMC '20
Sophie Boerboom CMC '20Analyst
Sophie is a sophomore dual Biology and Spanish major at CMC. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, she is also involved with Claremont Market Shares and outside non-profit work. Sophie has loved science from a young age and is looking forward to doing research on the Natural Sciences team. When not studying for biology or stressing over essays, she can be found watching baking shows, struggling through a jog, or rollerblading around a lake back home.
Erin Burke CMC '21
Erin Burke CMC '21Analyst
Erin Burke is a freshman from New York, dual majoring in Physics and Government at Claremont McKenna College. On campus, she is an editor at the Claremont Radius, a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute and the Outreach Officer for Action Map. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, drinking coffee and playing with dogs.
Anthony Burre CMC '19
Anthony Burre CMC '19Analyst
Anthony Burre is a Neuroscience major at CMC. Originally from Santa Barbara, California, he enjoys playing tennis and ultimate frisbee, backpacking, and rock climbing. Other than working at Roberts Environmental Center, Anthony is the founder and president of Claremont McKenna Catan, and is a member of the ASCMC Budget Committee.
Emma Choy CMC' 19
Emma Choy CMC' 19Analyst
Emma plans on majoring in neuroscience or biochemistry. Originally from Honolulu, HI, she loves anything to do with the outdoors, and especially loves the ocean. At CMC, she is a member of the Varsity Women’s Water Polo team, a lifeguard at the CMC pool, and a General Chemistry Lab TA. In her spare time you can find her tossing the disc with friends, enjoying SoCal skies and sunsets, or finding cute dogs to pet.
Becky Chung CMC '20
Becky Chung CMC '20Analyst
Becky is from Orange County studying Environment, Economics, and Politics (EEP) and Spanish at CMC. Her work in climate change mitigation has led her to the glaciers of the Antarctic, the rainforests of Costa Rica, the Himalaya, and soon Morocco, where she will be a U.S. delegate for COP22 (UN’s Conference on Climate Change) in November 2016. In her free time, she doodles maps for new adventures, plays on rocks and mountains, and cuddles with her dog Simba.
Emily Cohen CMC '20
Emily Cohen CMC '20Analyst
Emily Cohen is a sophomore at CMC and is a pre-med Biology major, and midfielder on the CMS varsity lacrosse team. Emily is an analyst for the REC working on the Natural Sciences team. She is from Seattle, Washington and loves skiing, snowboarding and hiking – anything outdoors! Her favorite thing in between labs and practice is to adventure to bubble tea places.
Wil Cullen CMC '19
Wil Cullen CMC '19Analyst
Will Cullen is majoring in Environment, Economics, and Politics with a sequence in Human Rights, Genocide, and Holocaust Studies. He was born and raised outside of Washington, DC in Bethesda, MD. Will is particularly interested in environmental human rights and sustainable development. When he is not at the REC, Will can be found drinking coffee at the Motley.
Lauren D'Souza CMC '18
Lauren D'Souza CMC '18Manager
Lauren D’Souza is from Phoenix, Arizona, dual majoring in Government & History at CMC. She is a tour guide for the Admissions Office, a copy editor for the CMC Forum, the publisher for the Lowe Institute for Political Economy, and the social media/web coordinator for the Hixon Center for Sustainable Environmental Design at Harvey Mudd College. At the REC, she is the lead analyst for the Claremont Energy Challenge team and an analyst for the Environmental Outreach team. She is a proud crossword puzzle enthusiast, chocolate chip cookie connoisseur, corgi owner, piano player, and avid graphic designer.
Krista De La Torre CMC '18
Krista De La Torre CMC '18Analyst
Krista is a senior studying Environment, Economics, and Politics (EEP) at Claremont McKenna College. She was born and raised in Fresno, California. Currently, Krista is a member of SSPEAR, a representative on Pomona’s Environmental Quality Commission (EQC), and a co-leader of Environmentalists Of Color – Organize! (ECO!). She enjoys playing with dogs and eating copious amounts of vegan desserts.
Henry DeRuff CMC '18
Henry DeRuff CMC '18Manager
Henry is a senior at CMC studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. His love of the outdoors has lead him to the belief that to enjoy them, one must also protect them. As such, he enjoys working at the REC and is spending this fall in Ecuador studying ecology and conservation. When he’s not in the REC, you can find him walking backwards around campus (leading tours or otherwise), walking forwards on the trails of Southern California (leading trips for the Outdoor Initiative), running on the roads around campus, or playing Settlers of Catan with his friends.
Max Fine CMC '21
Max Fine CMC '21Analyst
Max is an undecided freshman at CMC from Napa, California. His hobbies include a variety of activities, ranging from directing to robotics. He enjoys watching action movies and hiking.
Abby Gilliland CMC '21
Abby Gilliland CMC '21Analyst
Abby Gilliland is a freshman at CMC planning on studying Philosophy and Environmental Analysis. She has lived everywhere from Northern California to Texas, but is most recently from Illinois. As a Midwesterner whose parents live on a farm, Abby is especially interested in agriculture, specifically in how to make agriculture more sustainable. If you ever have a question about sustainable alpaca farming, Abby is the person to ask. On top of farming, Abby loves trail running and volunteering, and can always be found working outside the Hub.
Gage Hornung CMC '21
Gage Hornung CMC '21Analyst
Gage Hornung is a Freshman at CMC who was born in Boulder, Colorado. He is undecided as to what he is majoring in but is interested in economics and math. In his free time Gage enjoys running, spike ball, climbing mountains, skiing in the mountains, and doing anything that involves the mountains.
Sam Horowitz PIT '20
Sam Horowitz PIT '20Analyst
Sam is a Sophomore at Pitzer College planning to major in Environmental Analysis on the Policy Track. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, he is a member of Pitzer’s Judicial Council and part of the leadership of Kohoutek, the club which organizes Pitzer’s annual music festival. In his free time, he enjoys playing intramural sports and eating pasta.
Ben Jin CMC '21
Ben Jin CMC '21Analyst
Ben is a Freshman at CMC studying in the 3-2 Economics Engineering program. He was introduced to environmental science in a Global Ecology magnet program at Poolesville High School where he traveled across Maryland and Virgina, learning about the area’s environmental issues. Since then he has always been interested in the environment, especially in the areas of sustainable energy and natural resources. When he is not studying in the REC, he can be found watching Netflix, reading, or otherwise avoiding his homework.
Justin Law CMC '19
Justin Law CMC '19Analyst
JLaw, sometimes referred to as Justin, is a sophomore Economics-Engineering major from Hong Kong. He enjoys spending his time outdoors hiking, swimming, surfing, and snowboarding. On campus, Justin is also a part of the Claremont Concert Orchestra, Student Investment Fund, and Claremont Consulting Group.
Madeline Lee CMC '19
Madeline Lee CMC '19Manager
Maddie Lee is a junior at CMC from Seattle, WA, majoring in International Relations. At CMC, she is involved in Mock Trial and the Senate Campus Improvements Committee. She is passionate about diplomacy and foreign policy, and loves to sail in her free time.
Anam Mehta POM '21
Anam Mehta POM '21Analyst
Anam Mehta is a first year at Pomona College from Loudonville, New York. He is interested in Environmental Analysis and Philosophy. His hobbies include reading, squash, ultimate frisbee, podcasts, trivia, and long walks. On campus, he is also part of the CHERP organization and the squash club. He also enjoys speaking imperfect French and taking care of his bamboo plant. He’s a filmmaker for on campus organizations like Bluebird NK. He can often be found ordering too many soy mochas at cafes around Claremont.
Mudit Murarka POM '19
Mudit Murarka POM '19Analyst
Mudit Murarka is a junior at Pomona College from New Delhi, India, majoring in Geochemistry. He is passionate about understanding the evolution of our planet’s climate, and the lessons that can be learned from it and about the need for sustainable development through an intersection of science, policy and visual communication. He works as a researcher in Pomona College’s geology department, as a videographer for the theater department and as a filmmaker for on campus organizations like Bluebird NK. He can often be found ordering too many soy mochas at cafes around Claremont.
Sami Murphy CMC '21
Sami Murphy CMC '21Analyst
Sami Murphy is a Freshman at CMC and is originally from Irvine, Ca. Other than the Robert’s Environmental Center, she is involved in various art and environmental clubs, works at the Athenaeum, and runs for the CMS cross country team. Dual majoring in International Relations and EEP (Environment, Economics, and Policy), she is interested in analyzing and positively impacting developing countries with a focus on Latin America. In addition to this, she is the eco-rep of her dorm and has an unhealthy addiction to ice cream.
Nick Pibl CMC '20
Nick Pibl CMC '20Lead Analyst
Nick is from Princeton, New Jersey. Studying Environment, Economics and Politics (EEP), Nick is interested in geopolitics, focusing on natural resources and energy. He was first introduced to environmental science during his time at The Island School in Eleuthera, Bahamas. Upon returning to his hometown, Nick designed a 500 gallon aquaponic system for Princeton Public Schools and assisted with revising John Witherspoon Middle School’s science curriculum to teach sustainable agricultural. Nick enjoys scuba diving and freediving, as well as any outdoor activity. His bucket list includes hiking all of the U.S. National Parks.
Matt Psaltakis CMC '19
Matt Psaltakis CMC '19Manager
Matt is a junior from Poolesville, Maryland studying Applied Mathematics and Economics at CMC. He spent his high school years in a global ecology magnet program taking field trips all around the DMV and learning about the area’s environmental issues. When he isn’t working, Matt can usually be found playing League of Legends, running shirtless around Claremont with the CMS Cross Country team, or spending way too long at the dining hall. His interests include electronic music production, bubble tea, and warm weather.
Nova Quaoser CMC '19
Nova Quaoser CMC '19Analyst
Nova Quaoser hails originally from Albemarle, North Carolina. He intends to pursue a major in economics and neuroscience while also participating in Mock Trial and MUN. His interests include funk/blues piano, photography, and politics.
Alina Rainsford CMC '20
Alina Rainsford CMC '20Analyst
Alina Rainsford is from Mill Valley California, just north of San Francisco. She is planning to study Computer Science. Having been passionate about the environment her whole life, she is very excited to work as a research analyst with the Governance team to effect positive change for the environment! At CMC, she is also a research assistant for Kravis Leadership Institute, a caller for the Annual Fund, a member of Claremont Women in Business, impACT, and Claremont Coffee Club. In her limited free time, she enjoys hiking, walking her dog, cooking, board games, and dancing ballet.
Eryn Rogers CMC '19
Eryn Rogers CMC '19Lead Analyst
Eryn is a junior from Bellevue, WA studying government and an undecided science hoping to go into environmental policy. She is a member of the CMS Lacrosse team and SSPEAR. She is an avid hiker, political junkie, napper and snacker.
Lude Rong CMC '20
Lude Rong CMC '20Student Analyst
Lude, from China, is a sophomore pursuing Environment, Economics and Politics (EEP) major at Claremont McKenna College. She joins REC to explore and promote scientific environmentalism. On campus, she works as a research analyst in the W.M. Keck Science Department. She is an active member of CWIB Innovations team, and serves as CFO of Claremont Apparel. She is also a NISSO leader for the International Place of the Claremont Colleges, and is involved in impACT as well as Social Innovation Consulting. When she is not busy, she loves practicing calligraphy, and enjoys tea and desserts with friends.
Ally So CMC '21
Ally So CMC '21Analyst
Ally is currently a freshman at Claremont McKenna College, duel majoring in EEP (Environmental Studies, Economics, and Politics) and International Relations. She was born and raised in New York City. Besides working at the Roberts Environmental Center, Ally is also a member of Pangea Dance Crew, the technical theatre program at Pomona, and the Asian Pacific American Mentoring (APAM) Program. Over the summer, Ally was a camp counselor at Concordia Language Villages, teaching children Mandarin Chinese. In her spare time, Ally enjoys dancing, playing percussion, and hanging out with friends.
Erin Tully CMC '18
Erin Tully CMC '18Analyst
Erin Tully is a senior at Claremont Mckenna College, dual majoring in Environmental Analysis and PPE. She is interested in public policy, economic analysis, and environmental issues, and wants to go into a career involving an intersection of the three. On campus, Erin works for Career Services and the Bike Shop, and is President of the Mock Trial team. She is from Washougal, Washington, and loves exploring the outdoors, especially the waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge. Her favorite things are large dogs and Frank brunch.
Kelly Watanabe CMC '20
Kelly Watanabe CMC '20Analyst
Kelly Watanabe is from Honolulu, Hawaii studying Molecular Biology at Claremont McKenna College. As a research analyst, she is excited to build a foundation for the new Natural Sciences team. At CMC she is also a member of the Varsity Track & Field team and the Claremont Concert Orchestra. In her free time she enjoys baking, photography, and hiking.
Yijing Ellen Zhang CMC '18
Yijing Ellen Zhang CMC '18Analyst
Yijing Zhang is from Suzhou, China. She is a senior at CMC majoring in Psychology and Environmental Analysis. Yijing is particularly interested in sustainability in built environment. This past summer, she interned in a urban planning research institute in her home city. She is a big fan of photography and traveling.