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Anam Mehta POM'21
Anam Mehta POM'21Analyst
Anam Mehta is a sophomore at Pomona College from Loudonville, New York. He is interested in Environmental Analysis and Philosophy. His hobbies include reading, squash, ultimate frisbee, podcasts, trivia, and long walks. On campus, he is also part of the CHERP organization and the squash club. He also enjoys speaking imperfect French and taking care of his bamboo plant. He’s a filmmaker for on campus organizations like Bluebird NK. He can often be found ordering too many soy mochas at cafes around Claremont.
Erin Burke CMC'21
Erin Burke CMC'21Analyst
Erin Burke is a sophomore from New York, dual majoring in Physics and Government at Claremont McKenna College. On campus, she is an editor at the Claremont Radius, a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute and the Outreach Officer for Action Map. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, drinking coffee and playing with dogs.
Anthony Burre CMC'19
Anthony Burre CMC'19Manager
Anthony Burre is a Neuroscience major at CMC. Originally from Santa Barbara, California, he enjoys playing tennis and ultimate frisbee, backpacking, and rock climbing. Other than working at Roberts Environmental Center, Anthony is the founder and president of Claremont McKenna Catan, and is a member of the ASCMC Budget Committee.
Zoe Carlson CMC'22
Zoe Carlson CMC'22Analyst
Zoe Carlson is from Boston, Massachusetts and plans on majoring in Science Management with a focus on Environmental Management. Within the REC, she is an analyst on the Outreach & Policy team. On campus, Zoe is a member of the Environmental Affairs Committee, she serves as the External Events Coordinator on the Power of Women club executive board, plays on the 5C women’s club volleyball team, and teaches yoga for CMS recreation. During the summer, she spends most of her time in and around the ocean, teaching sailing, racing sailboats, leading a STEM class for kids, and stand-up paddleboarding. Her love for the environment grew from spending many days on the water every summer.
Emma Choy CMC'19
Emma Choy CMC'19Analyst
Emma plans on majoring in neuroscience or biochemistry. Originally from Honolulu, HI, she loves anything to do with the outdoors, and especially loves the ocean. At CMC, she is a member of the Varsity Women’s Water Polo team, a lifeguard at the CMC pool, and a General Chemistry Lab TA. In her spare time you can find her tossing the disc with friends, enjoying SoCal skies and sunsets, or finding cute dogs to pet.
Becky Chung CMC'20
Becky Chung CMC'20Manager
Becky Chung is a junior at CMC and manager of the NGO-Corporate Partnerships Team. She also works as the Outreach Coordinator for the Bicycle Revolution, a documentary directed by a Harvey Mudd Professor. On campus, she leads hikes and camping trips with Outdoor Initiative, CMC’s outdoor club. In her free time, she spends likes to bake and spend time with her cat, Hobbes.
John Church CMC'21
John Church CMC'21Manager
John Church is a sophomore from Phoenix, AZ majoring in Philosophy and Computer Science at Claremont Mckenna. In addition to working on the PR and Content management team at the REC, John runs the 400 and 800 for the CMS Track team, is a part of the CMC Model UN team, an OI leader, and does graphic design for the Claremont Radius. John’s other interests include hiking, ultimate frisbee, and Arabic.
Emily Cohen CMC'20
Emily Cohen CMC'20Analyst
Emily Cohen is a junior at CMC and is a pre-med Biology major, and midfielder on the CMS varsity lacrosse team. Emily is an analyst for the REC working on the Natural Sciences team. She is from Seattle, Washington and loves skiing, snowboarding and hiking – anything outdoors! Her favorite thing in between labs and practice is to adventure to bubble tea places.
Will Cullen CMC'19
Will Cullen CMC'19Manager
Will Cullen is a senior majoring in Environment, Economics, and Politics with a sequence in Human Rights Studies. He was born and raised outside of Washington, DC in Bethesda, MD. Will spent a semester in Silicon Valley, studied abroad in India, and is particularly interested in sustainable development. He is excited to partner with a solar micro-grid company in Delhi this semester through the REC. When he is not at the REC, Will can be found drinking coffee at the Motley.
Max Fine CMC'21
Max Fine CMC'21Analyst
Max is an undecided sophomore at CMC from Napa, California. His hobbies include a variety of activities, ranging from directing to robotics. He enjoys watching action movies and hiking.
Abby Gilliland CMC'21
Abby Gilliland CMC'21Analyst
Abby Gilliland is a sophomore at CMC studying Philosophy and Economics. She has lived everywhere from Texas to Illinois, but now lives on a farm near Pittsburgh, PA. Abby is especially interested in sustainable agriculture, environmental economics, and risk management, and can always be found working outside the Hub. If you ever have a question about sustainable alpaca farming, Abby is the person to ask.
Maya Ghosh
Maya GhoshAnalyst
Maya hails from Dallas, Texas, and is hoping to major in Environment, Economics, and Politics. She developed a passion for environmental policy due to working for her high school’s environmental group and doing environmental outreach work. At CMC she also works for the Rose Institute, Mock Trial, and the Athenaeum’s kitchen staff. In her spare time she enjoys running, backpacking, road-tripping and watching football.
Millie Hillman SCR'21
Millie Hillman SCR'21Analyst
Millie is a sophomore at Scripps College probably majoring in Psychology, with a focus in education and a minor in Art. She is originally from England but went to high school in Washington, DC, where she was able to be an intern at the BBC and NPR offices. When she’s not at the farmer’s market or hiking up to high altitudes, Millie works with The Rooftop Garden, a mentorship program with a focus on gardening that pairs her with younger students of all ages. She can usually be found cooking extravagant meals from seasonal, local produce or working as a barista in Claremont Village.
Gage Hornung CMC'21
Gage Hornung CMC'21Analyst
Gage Hornung is a sophomore at CMC who was born in Boulder, Colorado. He is undecided as to what he is majoring in but is interested in economics and math. In his free time Gage enjoys running, spike ball, climbing mountains, skiing in the mountains, and doing anything that involves the mountains.
Sam Horowitz PIT'20
Sam Horowitz PIT'20Analyst
Sam is a Junior at Pitzer College majoring Environmental Policy. He is specifically interested in climate change mitigation and resilience strategies. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, he is a member of Pitzer’s Judicial Council and currently leads the Democrats of the Claremont Colleges. In his (rare) free time, he enjoys playing sports and eating pasta.
Benjamin Jin CMC'21
Benjamin Jin CMC'21Analyst
Ben is a Sophomore at CMC studying in the 3-2 Economics Engineering program. He was introduced to environmental science in a Global Ecology magnet program at Poolesville High School where he traveled across Maryland and Virgina, learning about the area’s environmental issues. Since then he has always been interested in the environment, especially in the areas of sustainable energy and natural resources. When he is not studying in the REC, he can be found watching Netflix, reading, or otherwise avoiding his homework.
Tanya Kapoor CMC'22
Tanya Kapoor CMC'22Analyst
Tanya is a freshman at CMC planning to dual major in Biology and Economics. Raised in Indonesia, sha has developed a love for scuba diving and the ocean. A few of her other hobbies include reading, travelling, and volunteering for different NGOs. Currently, she is enjoying her yoga class at Roberts, over night oats at the Hub, and coffee at the Motley.
Madeline Lee CMC'19
Madeline Lee CMC'19Manager
Maddie Lee is a senior at CMC from Seattle, WA, majoring in International Relations. At CMC, she is involved in Mock Trial and the Senate Campus Improvements Committee. She is passionate about diplomacy and foreign policy, and loves to sail in her free time.
Chase Mendell CMC'22
Chase Mendell CMC'22Analyst
Chase is a freshman from Philadelphia hoping to major in Environment, Economics and Politics at Claremont McKenna College. In his free time he enjoys running, snowboarding and spending time at the beach. Outside working at the REC he is a member of ASCMC’s Campus Improvements Committee.
Cade Moffatt CMC'21
Cade Moffatt CMC'21Analyst
Cade Moffatt is a sophomore majoring in Economics with a sequence in Finance from South Pasadena, CA. He plays defensive back for the CMS football team and in his free time he enjoys skiing, snorkeling, and watching the office. 
Brian Mora Soralis
Brian Mora SoralisAnalyst
Brian Mora Solis goes by “Bri” and is a first year student at CMC from Compton, CA. I am interested in majoring in Economics, Environment, and Politics with a possible sequence of Public Policy or Leadership. On campus, he is involved in “1Gen”, “iMiGente!”, dorm president of Claremont Hall, and a server at the Athenaeum. Coming from an underrepresented community, he is interested how policy/ government can resolve issues on environmental injustices in underrepresented communities.
Sami Murphy CMC'21
Sami Murphy CMC'21Analyst
Sami Murphy is a Sophomore at CMC and is originally from Irvine, Ca. Her background in sustainability and International Relations has taken her around the globe from Peru to Singapore, where she has interned at environmental NGOs and conducted experiential field research. With a growing interest in policy and tech, Sami hopes to expand her skillet to synthesize existing passions with newfound curiosities. Outside of the REC, she is president of CMC’s sustainability club, SSPEAR, and is an Outdoor Initiative Leader. When she is not outside soaking up the Southern Californian sun,  you can find Sami reading leather-bound books in her room that smells of rich mahogany. 
Katie O'Neill CMC'21
Katie O'Neill CMC'21Analyst
Katie is a sophomore from Boise, Idaho. She is majoring in International Relations and studying French and Arabic. She is also involved in CMC’s Model United Nations Team. As someone who is primarily interested in International Development, she enjoys working with the Sustainable Development team and helping organizations implement creative and environmentally sustainable solutions to real human problems. She loves hiking, whitewater rafting, and spending time with her family.
Nick Pibl CMC'20
Nick Pibl CMC'20Analyst
Studying Environment, Economics and Politics, Nick is interested in natural resource management and energy. Whether working for the REC, Student Investment Fund, or environmental projects for the Economics Department, Nick is passionate about geopolitics and sustainable investing. Originally from Princeton, NJ, Nick has always been interested in environmental education, constructing a 500 gallon aquaponic system for his public school. Currently, Nick chairs the Student Investment Fund’s ESG Standards Committee, implementing ESG metrics for investing.  Nick enjoys scuba diving and freediving. His bucket list includes hiking all of the U.S. National Parks. 
Matt Psaltakis CMC'19
Matt Psaltakis CMC'19Analyst
Nick is from Princeton, New Jersey. Studying Environment, Economics and Politics (EEP), Nick is interested in geopolitics, focusing on natural resources and energy. He was first introduced to environmental science during his time at The Island School in Eleuthera, Bahamas. Upon returning to his hometown, Nick designed a 500 gallon aquaponic system for Princeton Public Schools and assisted with revising John Witherspoon Middle School’s science curriculum to teach sustainable agricultural. Nick enjoys scuba diving and freediving, as well as any outdoor activity. His bucket list includes hiking all of the U.S. National Parks.
Nova Quaoser CMC'19
Nova Quaoser CMC'19Analyst
Nova Quaoser hails originally from Albemarle, North Carolina. He intends to pursue a major in economics and neuroscience while also participating in Mock Trial and MUN. His interests include funk/blues piano, photography, and politics.
Alina Rainsford CMC'20
Alina Rainsford CMC'20Manager
Alina Rainsford is a junior majoring in Computer Science through Harvey Mudd
and studying finance through the RDS program. She is originally from the San Francisco
Bay Area. Alina is the manager of the Policy & Outreach team at the Roberts
Environmental Center, a Financial Analyst at the Student Investment Fund, the Chief Operating Officer of In-Lend Fund–a microfinance nonprofit on campus, and is the co-
founder and co-president of Women in Tech, which is a club for women interested in the technology industry at CMC. She is also a community representative of the CMC Student Conduct process, and on the college’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. In her spare time, Alina loves hiking, cooking, yoga, playing board games, and dancing ballet.
Emma Ranheim CMC'21
Emma Ranheim CMC'21Analyst
Emma is a sophomore at CMC majoring in Environment, Economics, and Politics. On campus she spends her time leading camping trips with Outdoor Initiative and playing on the Claremont Colleges ultimate frisbee team. She is originally from Madison, Wisconsin where she developed her love of cheese, trees, and big dogs. She hopes to one day work in sustainable public policy or environmental education.
Ally So CMC'21
Ally So CMC'21Analyst
Ally is currently a second year at Claremont McKenna College, duel majoring in EEP (Environmental Studies, Economics, and Politics) and International Relations. She was born and raised in New York City. Besides working at the Roberts Environmental Center, Ally is also a member of Pangea Dance Crew, the technical theatre program at Pomona, and the Survivor Club at CMC. Over the summer, Ally interned at White & Case, LLP, an international law firm based in New York City. She was also a camp counselor at Concordia Language Villages, teaching children Mandarin Chinese. In her spare time, Ally enjoys dancing, playing percussion, and hanging out with friends.
Zach Taylor CMC'22
Zach Taylor CMC'22Analyst
Zach Taylor is a freshman at Claremont McKenna College studying Environment, Economics, and Politics (EEP). Passionate about environmental sustainability and empowering youth through education, Zach is excited to work on the Environmental Outreach and Policy Team for the Roberts Environmental Center. At CMC, Zach is also a CARE Fellow and a member of Outdoor Initiative.
Kirara Tsutsui POM'21
Kirara Tsutsui POM'21Analyst
Kirara is a junior at Pomona College, double majoring in Economics and Environmental Analysis. Born and raised in Japan, as well as having grown up in Houston, Texas, she is passionate about disaster risk mitigation through sound environmental practices and learning about innovative solutions to global warming. She is excited to connect local businesses with NGOs and assist them in implementing concrete sustainable strategies in their business models. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, discovering new music, and daydreaming about vacation destinations.
Kelly Watanabe CMC'20
Kelly Watanabe CMC'20Manager
Kelly Watanabe is from Honolulu, Hawaii studying Biophysics at CMC. She is excited to use data-driven science make an environmental impact at the REC! At CMC she is also the president of Music Mania club, jumper on the CMS Track & Field team, and flautist in the Claremont Concert Orchestra. In her free time she enjoys baking, hiking, and sunset picnics with dogs.
Natasha Wong CMC'22
Natasha Wong CMC'22Analyst
Natasha Wong is a first year at CMC from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She plans on majoring in computer science and Chinese. Outside of the REC, Natasha is a member of the Claremont Consulting Group and the Claremont Foxes rugby team. During her free time, you can find her looking for more people to beat at FIFA, drinking bubble tea, or playing Catan.
Hannah Zhang CMC'22
Hannah Zhang CMC'22Analyst
Hannah is a freshman at CMC majoring in Economics. She is part of the NGO-Corporate Partnerships and Public Relations Team in REC. She was inspired to learn more about sustainability and environmental science after taking on an Earthwatch Research Fellowship focused on studying endangered owls. Aside from the REC, she plays viola in the Claremont Concert Orchestra and is a member of Outdoor Initiative. In her free time she loves hiking, trying new foods, and watching Law and Order.